Beat the January Blues – Bloggers Share Their Top Tips

We all feel a little down after the festivities of Christmas and New Year are over and done with. Thatai??i??s why we at House of Fraser have got together with some great bloggers to provide some tips guaranteed to perk you up and beat those January blues!

Bella Blissett

Bella Blissett, YOU MagazineBeauty Columnist & Freelance Lifestyle Editor says:

ai???Taking a brown eyeliner pencil and very lightly dotting some freckles over the bridge of your nose. You’ll look like you’ve just come back from a weekend in the sun. And what could be more cheering than that?ai???




Gabriela, a fashion and beauty guru and the face behind Fashion Allure gave us her beauty tip:

ai???Get a pedicure! After months of negligence, your feet deserve a little pampering. To make sure people are looking at your feet for all the right reasons, schedule the pedicure appointment. Your feet will look their finest, and the operation of getting them done will get you


Em Sheldon from Em Talks says:Em Sheldon

ai???To beat the January blues I am really going to be focusing on my health and fitness and setting myself fitness goals towards my dream body; you’ll probably find me hibernating in the gym or sipping a large cup of green tea this


Sarah and TinaSarah and Tina, co-founders of interior design firmFranklin Eighth told us:

ai???Our favourite way to get over the January blues is to add natural elements into our interiors. We love to incorporate plants and flowers to make a room feel vibrant. On Saturdays we enjoy browsing the flower district to see what blooms catches our eye. We are always drawn to the brighter flowers, which look great in


Andy Gilchrist from Ask Andy about Clothes suggested:

1.Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Staying physically active. At the mall, you have to walk around and carry heavy bags!

2.Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Challenging the brain. Ai??When you shop you have to make decisions: Which of these is a better value?

3.Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Maintaining a positive self-image. Ai??And when you’re finished, you really feel good about yourself, you’ve accomplished something!


KellyKelly from Be a Fun Mum beats the blues by:

  • Have hand cream in my side table next to my bed and put sweet smelling cream on my hands before I go to sleep.
  • Keep lip gloss in the car and apply on the go.
  • Drink water (even when it’s cold)!Ai?? Hot water with a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice is a lovely pick me up.
  • Find a new way to wear a scarf!


JemmaJemma from healthy living and lifestyle blog Celery and Cupcakes likes to:

ai???When I’m feeling down I love to brighten up a winter outfit by putting on my favourite lipstick or paint my nails with my favourite nail varnish.Ai?? It’s always the little things that make my heart sing!ai??i??


ClaireClaire founder of JazzPad told us:

“To beat the January blues this year I’m filling my diary with stuff to look forward to. Planning weekends away with friends or even just a day out shopping can put you in a lovely mood, so I’ve got my sights set on a festival and I’m saving to go to Croatia too!”



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