My Magnitone 7-day diary

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Having had sensitive and spot-prone skin for most of my life, I’m very sceptical of cleansing brushes.Ai?? I’ve had allergic reactions to allergy suncream and spot outbreaks when I’ve eaten healthily, exercised lots and cleansed properly, so as you can imagine I didn’t have my hopes up when I tried and tested Magnitone.


But I was so surprised. How did I not hear of this before my 10 years of skin drama?




Day 1, 06:35: I charged my Magnitone overnight which will apparently leave it to run for up to 2 weeks. I started on the sensitive mode, the second touch option, and it felt like it was cleansing deeply. The brush pulses into my skin while I move it around from your my forehead down to the chin. My cheeks feel so plump and smooth, I’ve never felt them like this before! Ai?? Day 2, 22:05: I’ve washed and blowdried my hair and used my Magnitone afterwards, but because you have to wet the brush before using it, it sprayed into my hair when it was pulsing. It also dripped down my face. Perhaps I shouldn’t wet the brush so much… Ai?? Day 3, 06:15: I’ve just woken up and my skin feels so smooth. There’s less redness and my spots have seemed to fade, as if a layer of silk is covering them. It makes for a great base below foundation, which instantly looks glowing as I apply it. Ai?? Day 4, 20:25: My makeup has stayed put extra long today. Usually it fades and the redness peeps out after a day at the office, but today it looks as if I just applied it. I take my makeup off and my skin still feels great. Ai?? Day 5, 07:00: My shiny forehead has reduced and my cheeks look extra hydrated. I’m realising that the Magnitone isn’t a miracle worker but an enhancer to your normal skin routine, so it lets your products work at their best in comparison to our fingers which carry so much bacteria. Ai?? Day 6, 19:55: My under-the-skin spots have gone when I look into the mirror with a bright light. This has been one of my top skin worries for a while because they can be visible even with layers of makup. Ai?? Day 7, 06: 15: I didn’t think this 7 day test would work at all, but my skin has gone from a 4/10 to a 8/10. It looks brighter, healthier and calmer. I’m pretty sure if I carry on using my Magnitone twice a day it’ll be onwards and upwards for my skin. I’m even considering packing it on my summer holiday!

Lauren Carbran

I’m Lauren, Online Editorial Assistant for Beauty & Kidswear at HoF. By night I’m an ice skater, so I’ve been training a few times a week for the last 15 years. As you can guess this meant I grew up around a lot of hairspray and glitter, hence my love for all things beauty (Urban Decay and M.A.C are my saviours!). The rest of my time is either spent devouring feta, beetroot and quinoa salads, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker or getting broody over super cute kids’ clothes.

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