The LEGO Movie: The Awesome Playsets

The Lego Movie Mini Figures

Prepare to enter into an awesome world of LEGO with the eagerly anticipated forthcoming release of The LEGO Movie.

The film centres around average guy ai??i?? and LEGO Minifigure ai??i?? Emmet. Just a typical citizen of the world, Emmet is mistaken as the most extraordinary, talented and important person, who is also in possession of the secret to saving the world from evil and defeating the power-hungry tyrant Lord Business.

As the weight of the world rests upon his shoulders, Emmet is helplessly recruited into an unlikely group of strangers tasked with the impossible burden of stopping Lord Business from taking control of the world from his Evil Lair.

Throughout their quest to defeat Lord Business, the team find themselves in one ridiculously hilarious situation after another; a world of LEGO fun for the whole family!

And now, you can bring the LEGO world home and recreate all the amazing scenes from Emmetai??i??s epic adventure with The LEGO Movie Playsets; including The Lego Get-away Car, The Trash Chomper, The Super Cycle Chase and Lord Business Evil Lair.


Discover The Lego Movie Playsets



Emmet from The Lego Movie

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