Christmas Carole: What You Think HE Wants – What HE Really Wants

Darlings, did you have the chance to read my ‘What SHE Really Wants’ post yesterday? Well, I’ve only gone and written another little treat for you. Last night I was enjoying a peaceful slumber when I was rudely awakened by a horrid thought – what if my little angels are stressing over presents to please the men in their lives?! How could I ever simply focus on festive gifts for my female counterparts?! Please forgive me my little Christmas puddings, and enjoy another little post I whipped together.

Mr C can be a complicated so-and-so… at times I feel he says things for an easy life, when I’m know he’s really thinking the exact opposite. Like the time I squeezed my curves into a body-con dress – his reaction said it all. I waltzed out of the fitting room envisioning Cindy Crawford but his face said Barbara Cartland. Such a gent…

Anyway, I feel the the same goes for presents. Mr C says he’ll be happy with one thing, when he’s really after something a little more special. I love to treat my handsome hubby to back rub when he’s had a tough day. If you know a fella that needs to de-stress, then why not treat him to a lovely massage too? I adore this massage chair by Homedics, but you can’t beat the real thing.

          Homedics Massage Seat   –  Clarins Neck & Scalp Massage

Are his gym trainers adding a questionable smell to your hallway? He’s probably already told you he needs some new sports socks and that he doesn’t want to ditch his favourite tennis shoes. Darlings, even I know he’s telling porkies again. Socks are a wardrobe essential he can purchase whenever he wishes – a pair of the latest trainers will really show him what he’s been missing. Try a pair of hi-tops… the A-listers love them.

Hugo Boss Trainer Socks   –   Nike Hi-Top Blazers

A key ring. He wants a key ring?! Well my sweet, I’m speechless. Thankfully, stock only the chicest designer key rings… and this quirky Paul Smith design comes with its very own mini (not the actual car… keep dreaming). If like Mr C, he has a need for speed then Red Letter Days offer some incredible experiences that will definitely wow. Even I’m tempted, and I’m more of a ‘catch a cab’ kind of girl.

Paul Smith Mini Key Ring  –  Red Letter Days Speed Experience

Finally, a gift for the caffeine cravers. Nothing perks me up for the day like a quick espresso and a kiss, and I feel that quality coffee is a cracking present, but it doesn’t scream ‘extra special’. When he unwraps this Nespresso coffee machine his jaw will hit the floor… and who can blame him? Sleek, stylish… some could say it’s exactly like you.

Nespresso Coffee Machine   –   Whittards Coffee

Ciao for now, Carole x

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