At-home Easter activities for kids

Easter is all about eggs, bunnies and, of course, lots and lots of chocolate – make sure you're prepared with plenty of activities for the little ones to work off that chocolate-induced sugar rush. To help inspire you, we’ve pulled together a guide for Easter with family-friendly ideas that’ll make Easter go down sweeter than a Cadbury’s Cream Egg. 
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Spend some time in the garden

No Easter is complete without an egg hunt. Make the traditional game even more exciting this year and introduce clues so kids have a bit of riddle-solving to do along the way. Or fill the eggs with slips of paper containing fun challenges like ‘do 10 bunny hops’ or ‘do your best bunny impression’ for little ones to try. 

As an alternative, get the kids to hide eggs for the adults with rewards they’d like to receive – ‘extra pudding’, ‘stay up late’ and other requests will probably spring to mind.

Why not host your own spring Olympics? Bring the whole family together for an old-fashioned egg and spoon race. Just be ready with a chocolate prize for the winner and smaller sweet treats for everyone else to make sure there are no tears at the finishing line.

Or, organise your own egg-rolling competition instead. Let the kids have fun as they roll hard-boiled eggs down the hill – the winner is the one whose egg goes the furthest with the least amount of cracks. Do expect a few egg-rollers to follow their eggs by rolling down the hill themselves…

Give egg bowling a try – this game is so addictive you could keep going and going all afternoon. You’ll need one white egg and then a different coloured egg for each player. Place the white egg somewhere out in your playing area and let each player roll their egg towards it. The player with their egg closest to the white one wins.

The garden offers ample spring-centric shenanigans. Grab some foil trays and encourage kids to make their own Easter garden. Pick spring flowers and press them to make a montage, or gather foliage to decorate Easter bonnets. 


Or stay indoors

Inside, get everyone to decorate their own eggs – just make sure to blow out or hard-boil them first. This is your chance to get creative so draw on cute faces with Sharpies and glue on 3D ears or other accessories (think white pom poms for sheep, quail eggs for pigs). Or let your kids fling paint onto eggs for a fun, speckled look. You may just want to do it outdoors to avoid a mess…

There’s just something about Easter that makes you want to dive into some DIY. Get everyone together for a craft afternoon and adorable bunny party hats that the kids can sport at the lunch table or on their egg hunt. Because who wouldn’t want to be the Easter bunny for a day?

Alternatively, create your own Easter tree. Have the kids forage for branches, then tie pastel ribbons, hang adorable egg ornaments and add some faux flowers for an easy yet fabulous decoration that’ll brighten any room.

Otherwise, dabble in a little baking. Try making beautiful, edible Easter bark by melting milk and dark chocolate, spreading over a baking sheet and marbling together using a skewer. Scatter on some coloured chocolate buttons and chill in the fridge for an hour to set. It’s just like dyeing eggs, just much tastier to eat…

Why not host a mini Easter party? Play pin the tail on the bunny, hide chocolates in an Easter piñata or make some art by filling blown-out eggshells with paint and taking turns to throw at a canvas – messy but totally worth it. And the big kid in you will have fun, too.



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