Alternative bridal outfits for the non-traditional bride 



With modern weddings becoming less about going to the chapel and much more about staying true to your personal style, a big white dress is no longer the only way to do it. So, before you automatically make a bee-line for the bridal boutique or go full Monica Geller and wrestle your way through a sample sale, why not consider a wedding dress that isn't actually a wedding dress? From shorter lengths to chic separates, we’re here to open your eyes to non-traditional, but highly fashionable, takes on bridalwear.

Little white dress

Little white wedding dresses are becoming more desirable every season. Maybe you're having an evening event and hoping to dance the night away. Or perhaps you're planning a low-key registry celebration and want an understated look. For the best of both worlds, enjoy a floor-length gown during the day and change into a shorter dress come nighttime. You’ll be thankful for it when you get sick of people trampling your train on the dancefloor.

Sleek separates and jumpsuits 

Dresses aren't your thing? White separates will stand the test time in your wedding photos - think Bianca Jagger - and you'll be sure to be the coolest bride of the season. Layer flattering tailored trousers under a nipped-in jacket, then add chic kitten heels and simple jewellery. When it comes to beauty, keep things fresh and natural - dewy skin and nude lips are all the finishing touches you need.

Modern gowns

If you’re still having a formal ceremony but you want to wear something more relaxed and contemporary, or just feel a bit more like yourself than you would do drowning in tulle, then you may want to consider a frock that isn’t technically bridal. More and more formal designers are offering up a world of choice for the bride who doesn’t want to look like everybody else. Bonus: they usually cost less than a wedding dress too.

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A little white dress 

Jumpsuits and separates 

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