85 years of Barbour International 

Life is a road full of twists and turns. It's a journey that shapes us, moulds us and makes us who we are - so long as we're ready to go along for the ride. Since 1936, Barbour International has been dressing those at different stages of their own journeys - whether out on the open road or gathering the courage to follow their own path in life - and to celebrate their long history we've teamed up to create the 1936 Special Edition Collection.

To celebrate the launch, we followed true original photographer Luke Martin on a day of exploring, as he prepares to embark on his latest adventure: capturing the collection and its history


Where it began

In 2017 my partner and I travelled around Asia for just short of a year. We both had point-and-shoot cameras with one zoom lens and no idea how to use them. By the end of our travels, we had established a good basic knowledge and were eager to learn more and adapt. In general, we've learnt that photography is all about patience and waiting for the right moment. Over the years it has helped us slow down and enjoy and appreciate the moment. 

Capturing the legacy 

I really appreciate how far Barbour International has come as a brand and yet their design and brand aesthetic has remained the same. The classic wax jacket was created for the 1936 International Six Day Trials and still to this day holds so much esteem and reputation. Barbour International's jackets have become statement pieces that are instantly recognisable, but what's great is they haven't stuck to that. This latest collection is a lot more free-flowing and gives people a great opportunity to explore without limitations. It offers a level of comfort that effortlessly flows into your everyday lifestyle, whilst still holding a very bold, Barbour International identity. 

That's what I've tried to capture in my photos of the collection - the free-flow of the city, exploring the curves of London whilst emphasising the originality and authentic demeanor of Barbour International.



The makings of an original 

An original is someone who doesn't bend to trends or fads. They don't care as much about how they are perceived. They naturally carry themselves in style, sure and aware of who they are.

Shaping an original life

I strive to provide a life for myself and my family that gives us the flexibility to do what we want when we want, and my work is represented around that. Whatever is happening in my life, will be reflected in my work. I think people start to understand that and can relate to it in their own way. 

A collection woven in history 

As the UK heads into the colder months, my wardrobe transitions to comfort, flexibility and layers, layers, layers. The new 1936 Special Edition collection is the ultimate definition of the above. It offers a lot of easy layering pieces that work together perfectly as a collection or as individual, stand-out pieces. The fact that each individual piece from the collection is a stand-out piece in its own right pays homage to the 85-year history of Barbour International. Instantly recognisable and original.

Ready for life's adventures 

I dive into life's adventures headfirst and often with my eyes closed. I don't like to build myself up or overthink things, I jump first and see where I land. Over the past five years, I have endless examples of this, but the biggest one was leaving my 9-5 marketing job and going travelling for a year with no work, no boundaries and no restrictions - just a camera and my partner. All those years ago I jumped, and today is where I landed. 

Words to live by

It is what it is. I spent a lot of years getting caught up and beating myself up for mistakes or situations I couldn't change. 'It is what it is' is my way of accepting the outcome, learning and growing from it (be it good or bad).

Follow in the footsteps of Barbour International's true originals and discover the: 1936 Special Edition Collection

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