The ultimate guide to the best boredom-busting games

With lots of time at home on the horizon, what else is there to do than to play some games? From classic board games to fun-filled Xbox hits, we’ve rounded up our favourite picks to keep you and the members of your household entertained. Some healthy competition never hurt anyone…

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1. Pub Quiz

Ridleys Pub Quiz

Miss pub quizzes already? Keep your brain fired up and gather your family members (or friends via House Party) for the national institution that is the pub quiz, just this time without the pub bit. Your honour (and the quiz trophy) is at stake here. 

Ridleys, Pub Quiz, £10


2. Monopoly Speed 

Hasbro Speed Monopoly 

Monopoly Speed is a fast-paced update on the much-loved classic and can be played in under 10 minutes - there’s even a timer to ensure nobody lags behind. Because really, when was the last time you actually finished a game of Monopoly

Hasbro, Speed Monopoly, £21.99


3. Don't Get Got

Big Potato Don't Get Got Game


If you’re looking to mess with your housemates, this is the game for you. Each player gets six secret missions to pull off and, unlike traditional games, this one runs in the background of your day. So keep your guard up while doing the dishes because they’ll be looking for ways to get you before you get them.

Big Potato, Don't Get Got, £14


4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


This is arguably the best version of Mario Kart around, so start your engine and race anytime, anywhere and with anyone. With different levels of difficulty that everyone can enjoy, it’s guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, £49.99


5. Risk

Hasbro Risk Board Game


A total classic, Risk allows you to achieve world domination from the comfort of your living room sofa. That is, if your strategy is good enough. Warning: it may take you days to play. 

Hasbro, Risk, £33.99


6. Minecraft

Microsoft XBox One Minecraft


Build whatever you like and go on adventures along the way, either alone or with friends  – the best thing about Minecraft is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. And really, who doesn’t like playing with Lego?

Microsoft, XBox One Minecraft, £24.99


7. Twister

Hasbro Twister


An oldie but an goodie, Twister needs no introduction. We’re not sure if the game counts as exercising but it’ll definitely give you serious laughs as you try to keep your hands on the mat, no matter what. Left hand, blue.

Hasbro, Twister, £17.99 


8. Who Am I

Ridley Who Am I Game

Everyone's favourite guessing game has had something of revamp with this goofy version that comes complete with silly glasses for an extra dose of fun. One to be played on repeat.  

Ridleys, Who am I Game, £5


9. Trivial Pursuit 

Hasbro Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game


Everyone loves a, ahem, friendly game of Trivial Pursuit, so this pick is an obvious choice. Designed with families in mind, this edition features separate cards for kids and adults so that all the clan – young or old – can play.

Hasbro, Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game, £30.99


10. FIFA20

EA Sports FIFA 20 Xbox One Game


Want to get your football fix? There’s nothing like a game of FIFA for that. With two play modes (the professional stage and the street experience), it's definitely coming home this time…

EA Sports, FIFA 20 for XBox One, £49.99