'Tis the season to experiment with a glossy lip


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Not many of us can say we made it through the ‘90s without wearing a slick of lip gloss. Mostly sticky with sickly sweet scents, you probably have this down as a beauty faux pas you don’t plan to revisit.

But believe it or not, gloss is back in a big way. High-shine is the look of the season and as the party invites start rolling in, there’s no better time to experiment.

From the super-pigmented to the subtle, gloss in 2019 is not as we knew it. With oil-infused formulas and serious staying power, it’s gone all luxe on us. 

Top of the wish list? We love Dior's Ultra Gloss for fuller-looking lips and Lancôme L'Absolu Lacquer to make a colour statement. Tom Ford Luxe Gloss is the ultimate night out accompaniment, and Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre has a permanent place in our makeup bags.

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