The new denim rules


The perennial style of wardrobes everywhere, jeans might just be your most lived-in basic. Jeans are jeans, right? We hear you ask. Well, dear reader, there’s a lot more to jeans than that standard pair you’ve been wearing these last few years. Let us open your eyes…


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A ‘90s mood has taken over the world of fashion in recent seasons, meaning ‘dad jeans’ – the type of slightly baggy, mid-wash jeans your dad used to sport – are very much on trend. Fortunately, so are its retro counterparts. Throwback quarter zip sweaters, hiking-brand-turned-streetwear tees and retro trainers will all look smashing alongside your wavy denim. Your dad’s younger self would be proud.

Another big fashion mood is denim-like suits, aka identically matching denim shirts and jeans, so matching that they have an almost tailoring-like aesthetic. This is double denim 2.0. The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ as it’s called has a Western vibe, best paired with this season’s hero shoe, the Western boot.



Fits have gotten looser – gone are the days of skin-tight jeans. Today, slim cuts, straight fits and cropped jeans are key. The great news? They look effortless, louche and, if paired with sophisticated companions, demonstrate you know what you’re doing. A Breton tee, raglan sweatshirt, trucker jacket or unstructured blazer and great trainers are all perfect outfit fellows.

Similarly, the days of jeans sitting low on the hips are far behind us. Midrise and higher-rise jeans are in, which is lucky as they look smarter, have a pleasingly geek-chic aesthetic and if you ever stumble across photos of yourself in 10 years’ time, you’ll look back embarrassment-free.

Throw away those ripped, skinny jeans folks – there's a new cool kid in town.  


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