How to create a home spa


We love the whole spa experience (who doesn’t?) but know that sometimes schedules - and post-Christmas bank account balances – scupper plans for the real thing. So we say put the hibernation on hold and boost your bathroom game instead. From towel tips to the best mood-setting scents, here’s how to make a spa of any space.


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Fringed towel hanging in bathroom


The set up

Streamline your space

Nothing will take the shine off the spa experience like clutter. Beyond the boring pedal bin, our top tip is free standing shelves and towel hooks - they’re a clever way to make the most of vertical space when it’s a bit of a tight squeeze. Fill wire baskets with your favourite bathroom bits and banish the less pretty lotions and potions to woven options.

Add some greenery

With their mood-boosting benefits and air-purifying properties, plants are perfect for the bathroom. Low-lit and humid, it can feel more than a tad tropical - so look for plants that thrive in a suitably steamy space. Whilst their names don’t conjure up images of tranquillity, spider and snake plants are easy to look after and like things a little moist, as do elegant orchids and peace lilies.

Reach for the robe

Investing in a luxe robe is one of the easiest ways to elevate even the most mundane weekday evening. Traditionally white and tied at the waist, treat yourself to a towelling number with a shawl collar - and dig out those complimentary hotel slippers from the back of the wardrobe, too. After changing, take a few minutes to relax or meditate with a herbal tea in hand.


Stack of white and grey towels on stool


The towels

Select your style

A stack of fluffy white towels might be synonymous with the spa, but there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to luxurious linens. Look to contrast borders and jacquard prints to add some detail, or try mixing and matching muted tonal shades. It's worth paying attention to the technical bits, too - look out for GSM, which defines the weight and thickness of a towel.

Preserve the plump

How do spas keep their towels so soft? Not all towels are born equal, so if this is a priority, look for combed cotton or options with ‘zero twist’ yarns, which are renowned for that soft and fluffy feel. Go easy on the fabric conditioner, avoid crowding the washing machine and drying on radiators, too - all contribute to that dreaded stiffness. And the jury's out on the tennis ball in the tumble dryer trick...

Try essentials oils

The easiest way to upgrade a DIY facial? A little aromatherapy. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to hot water, soak your flannel and wring out until damp, then use to remove excess product between applications. The right scent is super relaxing and helps to open up your pores - lavender, eucalyptus, rose, neroli and clary sage are all spa favourites for good reason.


Row of lit white candles


The mood-setters

Dim the lights

Don’t despair over dark evenings, as they offer the opportunity to control the ultimate mood-setter - good lighting. If you can’t dim the main source (and bathroom lighting tends to be anything but relaxing) consider the sensory appeal of candlelight instead. For a long-term investment, spotlights will focus bright light away from the bath and towards high-use areas such as sinks and mirrors.

Add some fragrance

‘Saving’ that candle you got as a Christmas gift? Now’s the time to put it to good use - no special occasion neccessary. Forget layering here, as the added factor of perfumed products means one special scent is all you need - so choose wisely. If sturdy surfaces are lacking and flames are a safety concern, a good quality diffuser makes a fuss-free alternative.

Hit play

If your evening bath is the only spot of silence you get all day, then we understand the temptation to make it a music-free zone, but it’s worth trying out a few genres first. What relaxes each of us is so personal, and might be unexpected – anything from rain sounds to reggae. Consider creating a playlist of soothing tunes so you won’t feel tempted to interrupt your bath to dry your hands and skip a song.

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