5 simple ways to decorate with greenery

We, the plant aficionados that we are, firmly believe that a little greenery can go a long way. Adding a house plant or two to your abode will not only instantly raise its Pinterest-worthiness factor but also breathe life into the most boring of spaces. Even if you can't brag about having green fingers, turning your home into a small indoor jungle doesn't have to be difficult  read on for our advice on how decorate with greenery. 

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Fill your bathroom with plants

Looking for a fool-proof way of turning your bathroom into a luscious oasis? Get on board with the bathroom plant trend. Go for trailing plants that you can hang from the ceiling, pop a few smaller numbers along the windowsill ­or proudly display faux cacti on the shelf alongside your prettiest bath products and that scented candle you love. Chances are your plants will thrive in that warm and humid environment, so you won’t have to set regular reminders to water your leafy friends. Phew.

Go for stylish baskets

No, baskets are no longer just for storage  they’ve become stylish homes for your indoor greens and are the easiest way of jazzing up any space. Dress your plants up in matching baskets for a curated look or mix-and-match different designs (think rattan, woven and even pom pom numbers) to create a unique style statement.

Top tip: make sure you place a proper pot inside the basket to avoid any mess as your plants do need drainage. Or simply opt for faux foliage instead to make your life a little easier.  

Don't forget about the corners 

Got a tricky empty space that’s just begging to be filled? Whether it’s a blank wall without much going on or an empty corner, a tall potted plant will be the perfect filler and instantly make your house feel a little more like home. Don’t settle for just one – mix plants of different shapes and scales to add extra character.

When it comes to creating a cosy corner, you can never have too many plants so feel free to go over the top if you'd like. Permission to spend half of your weekly budget on plants, granted.


Up your shelfie game 

Bring the outdoors in by adorning your shelves with a line-up of fantastic leafy goodness. We all love a good plant shelfie and with so many people showing off theirs on Instagram, you don’t have to look far for inspiration.

Get creative and pop a succulent, low trailing fern or smaller cacti on your bookshelf alongside those travel trinkets, fancy candles and your favourite polaroids. These smaller plant options are great when there’s only a tiny space to work with.

If you can’t handle the real thing, consider artificial foliage instead. With so many realistic options available, you don’t even have to feel guilty for not having a green thumb.

Create an indoor garden

Green up your kitchen with a herb garden  a practical and aesthetically pleasing option that gives a little nod to the great outdoors. Fresh, home-grown herbs are much tastier than store-bought and they fill your kitchen with a delicious scent too.

For maximum impact, consider a quirky terrarium. They are super trendy, perfect as centrepieces or as coffee table decor and work well with faux plants too, which is definitely a win in our eyes. Fake it ‘til you make it, right?



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