House of Fraser x Barbour: The Modern Journey with Sarah Ferguson

From the cobblestone streets of its cities, alive with art and culture, to the endlessly beautiful countryside with views unlike any other part of the world, Scotland is a place where history and the future collide. The real inspiration behind House of Fraser x Barbour's new Modern Heritage collection. 

To celebrate the launch, we teamed up with talented Scottish Photographer Sarah Ferguson on a journey into the Scottish countryside, to capture Scotland's, and the the new collection's, incredible heritage. 


Why is Scotland such an amazing and diverse place?

Scotland has so much to offer in terms of diversity and culture - no two places are the same. We're spoiled by our rich history. but our cities are also home to some of the most modern technologies that really define Scotland in this day and age. Scotland is both patriotic and forward thinking. 

What do you love most about life in the city vs. what you love most about life in the counryside?

I love being in the city for hustle and business. There's so much to see if you just sit a while. You can get lost in watching someone else's day, it's quite melancholic really. Whereas the countryside is home, always has been and always will be.

Tell us your thoughts on Barbour's rich heritage. In your opinion, what makes it great? How has it evolved over time, and what has remained the same?

I've always known Barbour to have a long-standing presence in homes across Scotland - the whiff of wax when you open the coat cupboard is very comforting. I think Barbour has transitioned into a modern-day, much-loved brand through its commitment to design and care. Well made clothes can last a life time and I love Barbour's commitment to that. 



Can you draw comparisons between how Barbour and Scotland's heritages have evolved over the years?

I think both have moved forward in terms of thinking and technologies, but I also love that both remain so true to their heritage, what built them and what defines them. To be inclusive and cater to all of your customers and residents.

Talk us through your throughts on the new Modern Heritage collection - what features/items stand out to you? And what makes it so versatile for city and country life?

I love the trench coats and the knitwear - a good jacket in Scotland is a must. If you find one that's versatile - you're on to a winner. Barbour trench coats have buttons and clips for wrapping up warm and are fantastic for layering. They're super chic, ideal for both town and getting up the side of a hill.


How have you styled it for a day in the city?

I always say this, but layering is key. For a day in the city, the high neck jumper underneath the dress creates a lovely feature and keeps you warm. Paired with warm socks and the comfortable boots, it's a perfect outfit for stomping the streets and catching up with a friend for coffee. 

How have you styled it for a day in the countryside?

I've paired the black jumper and the blouse with the chain detail, with a cardigan and trench coat. Very 80's inspired and layered enough to keep you toasty warm for a dog walk across the hills. 

Finally, how are you living the Barbour Way of life and why do you think it's so important?

There's so much to see and learn from the Scottish cities and landscapes. By slowing down, you notice so much more than if you're speeding along at 100mph. My children are constantly making stops on walks to pick up everything - stones, pinecones, leaves - marveling at the appearance, colour and texture. We as adults should take a leaf from their book and take notice of the brickwork on the old buildings standing in Edinburgh city centre of the rings on a 200-year-old oak tree. 

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