Exercise equipment for a seriously good living room workout

Finding time for a workout can often be tricky, and when you can't make it to the gym and the weather is putting you off that run or cycle you had planned, the prospect seems even less appealing. But what about the ability to break a sweat in your own home? Now that we're all most likely going to be spending much more time 'en casa'  there's never been a better time to invest in some home workout equipment. So, whether you're getting sweaty in your living room or garage, smashing a HIIT, Pilates or strength workout, the right home exercise equipment makes it all possible. That and a strong coffee. To help, we’ve rounded up the best gear to minimize even the best-intentioned excuses. Time to sweat...


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1. Medicine ball

Everlast, Double Handle Medicine Ball


Develop your balance, coordination and strength with this spherical gem. Lunge, press and twist your way to a killer full-body workout using just this or combine it with other equipment for a circuit-style session.

Everlast, Double Handle Medicine Ball, £42.99


2. Two level stepper

Everlast, Club 2 Level Stepper,


Great for aerobic exercise and strength training, the humble stepper is a staple in gyms - so why not yours? Vary your workout intensity by adjusting the height of this versatile platform and use it for everything from a bench for weights to working your glutes. Jane Fonda eat your heart out. 

Everlast, Club 2 Level Stepper, £39.99


3. Ankle and wrist weights

USA PRO, Ankle and Wrist Weights


Work your legs that little bit harder by adding these to your bodyweight and yoga workouts, runs or walks for an added burn. Your glutes will definitely thank you for it.

USA PRO, Ankle and Wrist Weights, £12.99


4. Kettlebell

Everlast, 30lb Kettlebell Set


This all-around tool can replace almost every piece of gym equipment you might be missing. The dynamic nature of the kettlebell will give you a workout that combines both strength and cardio aspects for an intense session.

Everlast, 30lb Kettlebell Set, £22.99


5. Skipping rope

Adidas, Jump Rope


They're not just for the playground - trust us, a skipping rope can really raise your heart rate, not to mention provide some entertainment. Just make sure you have plenty of room. 

Adidas, Jump Rope, £23


6. Adjustable dumbell

Levi's Long Sleeve Batwing T-Shirt


Forget about fighting for the last ones on the rack at the gym - pick the weights you want, when you want, with this adjustable dumbell that can change from 2.5kg to 25kg. It's perfect for pushing yourself during your training and building up your strength.

Everlast, Adjustable Dumbell, £149.99


7. Rep set

Reebok, Rep Set


Squat, press and curl your way to an intense strength workout with this steel bar and disk weight set. Recreate your favourite Body Pump class, set to your own pace and feel those endorphins flow. Loud music essential. 

Reebok, Rep Set, £230 


8. Rubber travel mat

Adidas, Natural Rubber Travel Mat


From keeping you steady and stable during a yoga flow and providing a soft surface to lower onto during chest-to-floor burpees (ugh), they're the bread and butter of a great workout arsenal. Bonus: This one is eco-friendly, bio-degradable and PVC free, made from hard-wearing natural rubber.

Adidas, Natural Rubber Travel Mat, £80