How to layer your skincare like a pro

When it comes to your skincare routine, the way you apply your beauty products can be just as important as which ones you're actually using. Do you apply your eye cream before your moisturiser? Your serum before your SPF? Will it make a difference if you only cleanse once? Luckily, we've got the answers. To get the best possible results, follow our morning and evening skincare regimes and get ready to say hello to your best skin yet. 

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Step 1. Cleanse
Start by cleansing to get rid of any dirt and oil that has built up overnight. Look out for gel formulas and words like purifying, clarifying and exfoliating.

Step 2. Apply toner
Next apply a toner as a second cleanse and to restore your skin’s pH balance. They can also add hydration, minimise the appearance of pores and decrease oil.

Step 3. Apply serum
As a general rule, your thinnest products with the most active ingredients should be closest to your skin, so apply your serum next. They’re highly-concentrated and designed to target specific skincare concerns, from hydrating to fine line reducing.

Step 4. Apply eye cream
A good eye cream will brighten your undereye area and reduce puffiness. Apply this next so it can be absorbed easily.

Step 5. Apply moisturiser
Then apply your day cream. This will create a base for your makeup and form a protective barrier between your skin and the outside elements.

Step 6. Apply SPF
Always apply SPF after moisturiser to insure it's at its most effective. Even in the winter this will help to protect you from UVA and UVB rays which can cause wrinkles and dark spots.

Step 7. Apply primer
Finally, if you use primer now is the time to apply it. From radiance-boosting to mattifying, they come with a whole range of benefits and keep your makeup in place from morning to night.


Step 1. First cleanse
Use a balm or oil cleanser to melt away any makeup and surface dirt while boosting hydration. Massage into your skin and wipe away using warm water with a flannel or muslin.

Step 2. Second cleanse
A second cleanse will get rid of excess oil and impurities, helping your next products to penetrate more deeply and work more effectively. Choose a cream, gel or milk formula.

Step 3. Exfoliate
As your thinnest product, apply your chemical exfoliant next. Choose one that contains glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells for a clearer, glowing complexion.

Step 4. Apply serum
Next apply your serum. This is when you can use formulas containing strong acids or retinol as your skin isn’t susceptible to sun damage at night.

Step 5. Apply eye cream
Your eye cream should be applied next. Maintaining the health of your delicate undereye skin will prevent it from losing elasticity later on.

Step 6. Apply moisturiser
Finish by applying a night cream to seal everything in. They can also help to soothe irritated skin, smooth uneven texture and add extra nourishment.