Top 10 luxury home accessories

Come the shift into spring, we're often set on a total home refresh - but sometimes it's just not realistic. That's why we're all about the investment piece, capable of refreshing even the most winter-worn space. Here's 10 of the best luxury home accessories that will transform any room.


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1. In the loop

AYTM Curva Magazine Holder


Go on - scoop up that ever-evolving pile on the coffee table once and for all and slot into this statement magazine holder. With serious Scandi credentials and curves in all the right places, it’s a design lover’s dream.

AYTM, Curva Magazine Holder, £179


2. La vie on rose

AYTM Circum Mirror


The round mirror revival is here to stay, thanks to the sleek appeal of the circular silhouette. This pink-tinted option is something a little different - and that unexpected burst of spring-fresh colour feels ultra-modern.

AYTM, Circum Mirror, £159


10. Tropical luxe

Biba Palm Chandelier


This Victoriana-tinged take on summer’s ubiquitous tropical trend is all in the detail - the textured leaves, chunky chain and gold foil finish. And whilst we don’t usually advocate restraint, this is a serious investment piece - you only need one.

Biba, Palm Chandelier, £220


4. Curve ball

AYTM Blue Globe Vase


The reign of the curve continues. With a handmade glass globe sat on a brass base, this unique vase is just as impactful flying solo on a shelf as it is filled with a bunch of spring blooms. There are grey, pink and green-tinted options, too.

AYTM, Blue Globe Vase, £30


5. Show of hands

Karlsson Mirage Gold Wall Clock


Equal parts art deco and Victoriana, this vintage-tinged vase is our favourite way to tap into the coloured glass trend. Go for the green or opt for jewel toned pink for more light-reflecting loveliness.

Karlsson, Mirage Gold Wall Clock, £42


6. Concrete plan

Bloomingville Natural Concrete Table Lamp


Yes, the days are finally getting longer - but we’ve always got time for statement lighting. The soft, natural tones of this terrazzo table lamp make it just the thing for spring. Warm it up with a soft bulb and it’s got room-transforming potential.

Bloomingville, Natural Concrete Table Lamp, £73


7. Paint it black

AYTM Hydria Vase


Softened by a unique sheer effect and the chalky, matte finish of the glass, this standout vase feels far less heavy than it looks at first glance. There’s a hidden bonus, too - even the cat (or the kids) would struggle to knock this one over.

AYTM, Hydria Vase, £93


8. New leaf

Kenzo Leaves Cushion Cover


Pairing bold modern silhouettes with the craftsmanship of embroidery, this cushion by fashion favourite Kenzo is a graphic update on spring florals. Tick off a trend with that rich cobalt blue – it’s a colour to watch for summer.

Kenzo, Leaves Cushion Cover, £65


9. Up the wall

Nordlux Strap Wall Lamp


Forget more functional spaces like kitchens and home offices - hallways, living rooms and bedrooms benefit best from the mood-setting appeal of wall lamps. This one comes courtesy of design duo Bjørn + Balle for Nordlux.

Nordlux, Strap Wall Lamp, £105


10. Candle club

AYTM Grey Tota Lantern


Swap your usual dinner party centrepiece for this smokey glass lantern, which will diffuse soft light across even the starkest space. When it’s back on the shelf? Switch the candle for succulents or a statement cacti.

AYTM, Grey Tota Lantern, £29