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Call it salted caramel, warm mocha (or according to Dulux’s colour of the year, the wonderfully evocative ‘spiced honey’) - just don’t call it brown. Yes, the trend for rich, earthy colour has come straight off the catwalk - and onto our walls.

Our ‘70s obsession shows no sign of slowing down. Since autumn we’ve been courting corduroy, fringing and – more than ever – a whole host of warm, earthy (and delicious-sounding) shades. But why are we so down with brown (okay, we said it), both on the catwalk and off? Perhaps it’s the perfect antidote to less-than-lukewarm weather, a serious amount of political palaver and our waning obsession with fifty shades of grey - or just a case of good old ‘70s-style nostalgia. Either way, we’ve been reminded of just how versatile these hues truly are.

These honeyed hues will warm up even the starkest space.

Warmer than grey but easier to live with than sunshine yellow, these are neutrals turned up a notch. And they can feel so different depending on where you use them in your home, and what you team them with. Paired with powdery pinks, they’re fresh and modern; with crisp whites, chic and sophisticated; with burnt orange, bold and retro - plus they pair perfectly with almost any type of wood. While Dulux - by default - is going wall to wall with their spiced honey shade, a splash of maple syrup (yep, we’re just making them up now) can go a long way – see our edit of the best below.

Get down with brown