There’s something about those first blooms of the season. The sudden sight of daffodils, the arrival of picture-perfect blossom overhead and the flower market fracas when the first peonies appear – they’re all synonymous with spring itself. Here’s how to style flowers in your home with stylist and blogger Hannah Bullivant’s crash course in flower arranging.



Scandi inspired spring table



Here’s a table setting with serious Scandi appeal. Soft pink linens, neutral plates and a simple striped napkin are ideal for balancing bolder blooms, like these mood-boosting pops of orange geraniums and purple fritillaries.

“It’s a sweet and simple way to lift the everyday.”

A subtle use of texture keeps it feeling casual, from the stoneware plates and brushed steel cutlery to the ceramic vases and slightly creased linen. And the stylist-approved way to add the flowers? A selection of mini vases, each filled with just one or two – it’s a charming alternative to one big show-stopping – but conversation-hindering – arrangement.


Have them in the hallway



If flower arranging isn’t your forte (yes, we too have prodded and poked for hours until the whole thing collapses) then blossom is your fast track to floral success. In bloom for just a few short weeks in April and May, our association with spring is all the stronger due to its tendency to drop en masse the second warmer weather arrives.

“Snip a couple of blossom branches, bring them indoors and watch them open with glee.”

Add a second or third vase to give some variety in height, and look for tapered vase shapes to ensure branches stand to attention - anything too wide or shallow is a recipe for some serious sagging.


Set a spring table


3. Make a mantlepiece display

This wonderfully wild display is designed to fill the space above a wide mantelpiece. Start with the longer stems, like the foliage and pussy willow branches, looking for a ‘V’ shape to create some structure. Hannah’s top tip? If you’re not a fan of floral oasis, use a metal pin holder to secure these at the bottom of the vase.

“Passing a bunch of garden blooms on a sideboard is like getting a small floral hug.”

When you’re happy with the first stage, add your flowers one by one to create a burst of colour in the centre of the arrangement. Hannah’s mixed pink poppies in with the orange geraniums and purple fritillaries – relaxed shapes that suit the country garden feel.

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