10 Ideas To Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

It seems almost everyone is missing the warm summer days, but not me – I have to admit I quite enjoy the chill in the air Ai??I donai??i??t know about you, but thereai??i??s nothing better than returning home, stepping into my slippers, putting the kettle on and relaxing on the sofa.

Avoid that gloomy seasonal feeling with my 10 helpful tips ai??i?? these will ensure your home is nice and cosy for the colder months:


1) A Comfy New Sofa

Casa Couture Regent Reversible Sofa

Do you have a spacious living room? If so, why not invest in a sofa thatai??i??s big enough for the whole family? This classic design by Casa Couture will add a real sense of style to any space. Plus, the stool can be moved to either end to suit you.

2) Soft Fluffy Cushions




Pied a Terre Velvet Cushion // Kenneth Cole Husky faux fur Cushion

Add a statement touch to your sofa with these bold cushions. Stylish, super soft and comfy, they will look great piled onto more understated seating.

3) A Luxurious Throw

Linea Check throw

This sumptuous throw will be a welcome addition on cold winter nights Jump on the sofa and snuggle up to this chic checked style for extra warmth when lounging.

4) The Best Blanket Ever

Linea Fleece snuggle blanket

Searching for the ultimate cosy essential? This soft fleece is designed to wrap around your body for premium comfort all over.

5) A Bright Cuppa

Linea Brights mug

Relaxing just isnai??i??t the same without a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and thatai??i??s why this bright red and white mug is perfect for a little break during the day.

6) A Sweet-SmellingAi?? Candle

Shabby Chic Winter Floral candle

When I unwind at home I tend to light a candle or two to create a calm atmosphere. Try a candle with an autumn rose, rosebud cherry or winter honeysuckle fragrance.

7) The King of Beds

Linea Superior Divan Set, 150cm

If you share a bed with your partner, a king size bed is the best solution. Why? Well, a standard double bed (135cm) gives each person just 2ft 3in of space, which is less than a baby in a cot – now thatai??i??s a bit of a squeeze! King size beds are 150cm wide by approximately 200cm long, so roughly15cm wider and 10cm longer than a double bed. Trust me, once youai??i??ve slept in a king size bed youai??i??ll never want to sleep in a standard double againai??i??

8) A Duvet for the Colder Seasons

Linea Goose Down Duvet

With the nights getting colder, you want to feel comfortable and cosy under the covers. This duvet from Linea has a goose down and feather filling, which means itai??i??s exceptionally soft and lightweight, but warm too!

9) A Sumptuous Bedspread

Pied A Terre Velvet bedspread

This deep red bedspread will add style and depth to your bed. Plus, it will act as an extra layer when itai??i??s really cold.

10) A Bedside Lamp

Linea Hanna Table Lamp

A good lamp is key to creating a relaxing atmosphere in any room. This sleek design by Linea creates a warm glow which is ideal for when youai??i??re reading in bed, plus itai??i??s so easy to use with its touch chrome activated base.

Thatai??i??s enough about meai??i?? do you have any tips to make your home a cosy haven this winter?

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