3 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season! With December just around the corner, it’s now time to think about your Christmas tree.Ai?? Whether you prefer a natural over an artificial tree or if you’ll be opting for modern decorations this year,Ai?? read our tips and tricks from our three guest bloggers and see how to decorate your tree perfectly this festive season…


RosieRosie - Cider with Rosie


Sophisticated - Rosie Real or artificial?

ai???Oh, a real tree, always a real treeai???

Three tips for decorating the tree

  1. Choose a theme for the tree, and try to base your decorations and colour scheme around it
  2. Try to think of alternative ways of ‘filling’ the branches aside from tinsel!
  3. Always buy one more set of tree lights than you expect to need

ai???We took inspiration from pictures we found in magazines of Christmas trees decorated in a single colour, and especially loved trees with white and glass decorations. We based our decorations around those colours, and bought a mixture of delicate clear glass baubles, ornate frosted ornaments, silver and white decoupage baubles, and reels of silver and white ribbon.ai???


I_181478782_50_20130717 I_181473376_00_20131004 I_182529308_50_20130717
Linea Onion SwirlGlass Bauble Linea DropletGlass Decoration Linea Mercury HeartLocket Decoration

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Nicholas -The Daily Norm

Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? ai???Woodlandai??i??

Woodland - NicholasReal or artificial?

ai???It depends on the setting. Real trees are best for period-style properties and artificials work best in a modern setting.ai???

Three tips for decorating the tree

  1. Make sure your tree has plenty of lights
  2. Balance out a tree scheme by buying 4-6 of every design of bauble
  3. Tie in your tree with your home’s interior design

ai???I love the very traditional but minimalist look which can be found in the Scandinavian Christmas – wooden textures, fresh colours such as whites, silvers and greens, and an emphasis on woodland features. I wanted to complement my main trees with a little forest of miniature trees full of woodland animals and traditional wooden decorations.Ai??I am planning to replace my fake white trees with a real tree to better complement my Scandinavian forest.ai???


I_181546852_00_20130902 I_182896852_00_20130902 I_181123955_00_20130903
Linea Tealight Holder Ai??Linea Hedgehog Linea House Decoration

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Ai??Ai?? Lucy -Attic 24

ai???Colour Popai??i??

Colour pop - Lucy

Real or artificial?

ai???Artificial. I am definitely a ai???Fakeai??i?? girlai???


Three tips for decorating the tree

  1. Decide on a colour/theme and work all your decorations around it.
  2. More is DEFINITELY more!
  3. Make sure you finish it all off with a stunning tree-topper.

ai???My inspiration comes from my love of bright jewel colours combined with a slightly childish, nostalgic element. I think my favourite ornaments are the ones my children like best, the ones they remember from previous years. I donai??i??t change decorations, but I do add new ones each year as I canai??i??t resist buying them.ai???


I_181541747_50_20130717 I_181594342_00_20131029 I_181655465_50_20130717
Linea Wool Wreath Linea Spotty Bauble Linea Star Set of 4

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