An Interview with Kelly Hoppen

Say hello to your new favourite week, Graham & Brown’s National Wallpaper Week, and what better way to kick things off with home interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, as we talk about her new wallpaper, clutter and redesigning Downing Street.


Tell us about your new Flock Twist wallpaper and the inspiration behind its design.
I designed this as I adore the 60s and 70s and wanted to create a wallpaper that was fun and light and had movement, but that still looks stylish in any home.

What is the best part of your job?
Designing and people.Ai??I am blessed with meeting and designing the homes for some incredible people – in my 40 years as a designer I have beenAi??happiest when I am creating.

What is the one place in the world with the most spectacular interior design? Does travelling and experiencing new cultures influence you in any way?
There is not one, there are so many – but I would say the East is my heart and passion.Ai??It does something to me – it is unique,Ai??it is special,Ai??and it draws something creative out of me.

Youai??i??re not a fan of clutter, what other essential tips can you give to someone who is designing their home?
Clutter is what creates disorder in the home .Ai??I am not suggesting you can’t have “things” in your home but clear spaces create aAi??clear mind.

Where and whom do you draw your inspiration from? Are you led by trend? Who do you admire?
No, not really.Ai??One thing I am inspired byAi??every day isAi??something or someone when you are truly creative.Ai??You are always open and ready.

Youai??i??re known for your love of taupe and neutrals tones, how has your style developed and changed over the years?
My style has evolved over 40 years and it’s interesting to see in my books, but my philosophy has never changed and that’s why the core and the brand values are so solid.Ai??I create homes for people to live in.

Is there any space youai??i??d love to get your hands on to design?
Oh yes -Ai??I would be lying if I said no!Ai??Downing Street for one!

What is your biggest challenge to date?
I am designing a very large project now which is a massive challenge, but challenging is good.Ai??It makes me focused and passionate.

Youai??i??ve achieved so much during your career, whatai??i??s next for Kelly Hoppen?
Film setAi??design,Ai??and designing other areas for women – I believe the home, fashion and how you feel is all intertwined.


Comment below and tell us which wallpapers fits your style or visit the website where the inspiration continues.


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