Arthur Price Remember Collection: Our Exclusive Interview with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

NEW REMEMBER PRODUCT PIC WITH LLBLuxurious dinnerware brand Arthur Price has launched their exclusive Remember collection in collaboration with iconic designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The chance for us to discuss with Laurence himself about his inspirations for this new range…


Ai??- We love your Remember collection for Arthur Price, what were you inspired by when creating this beautiful range?

Iai??i??ve always been very moved that we Brits come together as communities on Remembrance Sunday and I felt I wanted to contribute but using my own area of expertise if you like. Thereai??i??s a bit of William Morris in the pattern but itai??i??s also very ai???nowai??? with its dense curvilinear lines and rich colours.


- Youai??i??re studied art at school ai??i?? can you tell us what made you decide to move from art to interior design?

I just spread into it like an ink blot really.

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Remember iPad Case Remember Mug & Spoon Set

Remember Umbrella Remember Journal

-Ai??Ai?? How would you describe your own interiorai??i??s style?

Emphatic, exciting ai??i?? unhindered by ai???ghastly good tasteai??? which is the most fabulous quote from John Betjeman.


-Ai?? What tips would you give to refresh any room this autumn?

Bump up the colours and reflect the seasons like they do in sunlight-starved Scandinavia. Make room for orange, ruby and chocolate accessories this Autumn.


-Ai?? How will you be celebrating Remembrance Day?

Thereai??i??s always a big service in Cirencester town centre and then a huge lunch at Cirencester Park hosted by the Earl and Countess Bathurst. Lady B is boss of the womanai??i??s section of the RBL so itai??i??s only fitting Jackie and I will be with her.


- And finally, how would you describe your collection in 3 words?

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowenai??i??.(!)


Laurence Llewelyb-Bowen will be in our Manchester tomorow (Friday 8th November) for an exclusive meet and great from 12 noon to 1pm. Don’t miss this!

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