As The Clocks Go back ai??i?? Itai??i??s Time to Brighten Up Your Home!

This Sunday the clocks go back, which means you can stay in bed an hour longer – what a treat! It also means that days are starting to get darker earlier and so begins the chase for the sunai??i??

To avoid that gloomy seasonal feeling, why not brighten up your home with vivid and bold colours? So liven up your mood and check out the selection of my favourite bright home accessories from


In the Living Room:

Linea Felt Cushion // Linea Quilted Cushion // Arthouse Filled Frame // Linea Amber Optic Vase

I donai??i??t know about you, but I tend to spend most of my free time and weekends in the living room, sitting on my sofa, sipping on hot chocolates. So I like this room to be welcoming and bright. From floral cushions to cute wall art, you only need a few bright accessories to let the sun shine in.


In the Dining Room:

Inspire Placemats and Coasters // Linea Bright Dinnerware // Linea Bright Glassware

With just one or two spots of colours you can give your dining table a sunny spin. Coordinate statement placemats with strong bright dinnerware and make your table almost ready for spring!


In the Bathroom and Bedroom:

Linea Acrylic Mirror // Joules Striped Towels // Linea Winter Flower Bed Linen

Just because the weather is turning grey, doesn’t mean your bedroom and bathroom have to be darker. In fact, as we spend most of our lives in these rooms, itai??i??s important to add a spot of colour here and there. Just remember to match the colours together (no more than 3 different hues) and I can guarantee you wonai??i??t feel gloomy when waking up early in the morning.


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