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We have a tendency to get abit carried away when the season changes. We tidy out our wardrobes stock up on boots, coats, gloves, scarves and even adapt our fragrances. So, just imagine what we do to our homes, out with those spring time shades, and in with autumn loveliness. We want warm tones to make us feel all cosy when itai??i??s freezing outside.




Weai??i??re planning a moody plum scheme for our boudoirs. Ditch those greying white sheets and get involved with dark and sultry purples. Deep purple can instantly transform your room, the tones keep it feminine yet inviting. Work silvers or bronzes into the scheme to lighten, by using mirrors, vases and metallic throws. Add to the overall feel with a spicy roomAi??fragrance such as fig and amber based scents.


We recommend: Midnight passion bed linen, from A?15, Kylie at Home. Jak bed linen, from A?17.50, Aura. 100% cotton percale in purple, from A?7, Linea. Fireside lounge candle, A?20, Banana Republic. Wild fig and vanilla room essence range, from A?8, Linea.




For our living areas we are being drawn towards soft metallics and muted minks. Choose champagne and latte shades to add a grown up feel that will instantly warm your room. The look is clean but with vintage and antique inspired pieces. Look for antique gilt frames, bronze lamps and soft textures. By keeping this neutral colour palette the golds will look subtle rather than brash.


We recommend: Whitley table lamp, A?30, Linea. Minimix photo frame, A?20, Umbra. FlorenceAi??medium gold mirror, A?200, Linea. Silk cushions in ginger and latte, A?15 each, Linea. Raj gold stripe cushion, A?30, Linea.




This autumn/winter we only want to be eating off ultra modern, earth toned dinnerware. With the hot shades being chocolates and rust reds, itai??i??s a great way to create a modern dining experience that is still homely and user friendly. Go for darker plates and tonal place settings. Add a pop of colour, with either a bright table cloth or glasses. Itai??i??s a great scheme because you bring in and lose certain shades. So if you love the chocolate but not sure about reds, then you can bring in creams and stone shades. Equally if you want to add some drama, then bold oranges will really bring your look to life.


We recommend: Daley ceramic dinner range in chocolate, from A?4, Linea. Abstract earth table mats, from A?6.50, Inspire. Virginia 24 pieces stainless steel cutlery set, A?169, WMF. Stack glasses in red, from A?4.40, Linea.

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