How To Create a Wall Art Gallery?

We don’t know about you but pinning anything on Pinterest from nail art inspo to dreamy weddings photos and fabulous home decor is now our favourite hobby. Recently one trend that caught our eye from our favourite Home inspirations boards is the Wall Art Gallery. Photos of loved ones, vintage prints, beautiful canvas or art preciously collected over the years, everything is good to be hung on your wall.
But long gone is that time where art and photo frames would be hung in a very symetrical way, now it’s all about having fun and playing around with your different artworks and create a statement wall.

We’ve asked a few tips to our favourite Home Decor bloggers on how to create the perfect wall art gallery:

Kimberly, from Swoonworthy:

ai???Our gallery wall was born out of trying to hide the television in our dining room! Incorporating the TV as part of the gallery allowed it to blend a lot better with its surroundings.Ai?? Inspiration came from everywhere ai??i?? other blogs, Pinterest, and a love of eclectic styling and 1

Follow Kimberlyai??i??s tips for a great gallery wall:

ai???First, be patient ai??i?? a great gallery wall is built over time so choose art that really speaks to you and your style and donai??i??t rush the

ai???Second – donai??i??t be afraid to get it wrong. Flat/Matte paint and a bit of filler are the secret to invisible touch-ups!ai???

Get the look:

I_189095376_00_20131114 I_193148995_50_20140130 I_191624652_00_20140221
Linea Gallery Direct Linea


Emily, from Style by Emily Henderson:

Emily did a style photo session in Dave and Rashnaai??i??s House and their family photo wall.

Emily 1

ai???Ultimately, the wall is incredibly happy. She wanted it to feel really collected over time so we went with the ai???letai??i??s get a bunch of frames in the color palette and just go for itai??i??

Get the look:

I_191487131_00_20140213 I_187858362_00_20131230
Linea Casa Couture


Antonia, from Tidy Away Today:

Antonia 2

ai???There are lots of gallery wall ideas on pinterest that inspired me (and I found the free coffee themed prints on there) as well as finding them on other homes & interiors

Choosing the position is crucial ai???Think about which wall in your home would work best, it could be a boring blank one like ours, or up the stairway or even inside your downstairs

Get the look:

I_183879552_00_20130429 I_5011583095517_50_20130723
Newgate Graham & Brown


Jackie, from Grow Roots And Wings:

Ai??Jackie 1

Jackie thinks planning is key:

Jackie 2

ai???Trace your filled frames onto paper and cut them out. Label them and mark where the hanger is. Using painter’s tape, begin placing the papers onto your wall, moving them around until you achieve your desired arrangement. Then drive your nails through the marks and hang your

Get the look:

G_175973960_00_20130109 I_182999202_01_20130716
Linea Linea


Annabel, from Annabel Vita:

Annabel wanted something to go above her chest of drawers but didnai??i??t have any art work.

Annabel 2

ai???I started by hanging the mirror in the centre and then placed the rest of the frames organically from there. This wasn’t a perfect process (the frames hide a few extra nail holes), but I got there in the end!ai???

Get the look:

I_5011583095500_50_20130723 I_190980110_00_20140225
Graham & Brown Linea

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