How to Dress The Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas is only 5 weeks away so itai??i??s time to get your hands on that Christmas decoration box hidden away somewhere in your house and start thinking about your Christmas tree. From the type of trees to the colours of your ornamentsai??i??hereai??i??s an easy step by step guide on how to dress the perfect Christmas tree…

Step 1: Natural or Artificial?


Linea 6ft white flocked tree                   //                  Linea 6ft pre lit spruce tree

Whether youai??i??re choosing a real or an artificial tree, make sure it fits your room and take your time to arrange the branches before you start on decorations. If you simply cannot wait for the 18th of December to dress your Christmas tree, Iai??i??d suggest you opt for an artificial solution, as a natural tree could loose its green foliage before Christmas Day.

Choosing a natural tree? Once itai??i??s positioned in the room, stand back and analyse its shape. If you want your tree to be perfectly symmetrical, use a secateur and cut the branches that are sticking out.


Step 2: Brighten Up Your Tree with Christmas Lights

Linea Frosty Bell Lights                   //                   Linea White Warm Leds

Youai??i??ve now put your Christmas lights on your tree, youai??i??ve turned them on but half of the lights are not workingai??i?? sound familiar? Well, to avoid this, make sure all the light bulbs are in full working order and properly twinkling away before you put them on your tree.


Step 3: Glittery Ornaments

Linea Frosty Bell Heart Decoration // Linea Decadence Snowflake Star Decoration // Wedgwood Frosty ornament

You can now hang the decorations onto the branches – display baubles according to sizes, bigger ones at the bottom, fragile and most loved ones should go at the top. If you want to get a festive yet stylish result, donai??i??t go crazy with colours – you should opt for a colour scheme of maximum 3 matching hues.


Step 4: The Star on Top

Linea Decadence Tree Topper // Linea Modern Romance Tree Topper

Now youai??i??re ready to add the final touches and pop a star on the top of your tree. The only thing missing are the presents but you will have to wait for Christmas Day for these!


  • Ai??Tip for petai??i??s owners

Christmas ornaments and baubles are a real curiosity for your pets. You certainly donai??i??t want them to climb into the tree and knock it down on the floorai??i??so donai??i??t tease them with the shiny baubles as they could see these glittery things as their new favourite toysai??i??

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