Kitsch kitchen


We love retro styles and all things kooky. And we just canai??i??t resist bringing a little cheesecake glamour into our kitchens.


Images left to right: China rose mug, A?4, Cath Kidston. Dream home journal, A?15, Cath Kidston. Floral set of two mugs, A?10, Cath Kidston.

The home brands have all gone rather kitsch, so weai??i??re planning on reinventing our kitchens into something our grandmotherai??i??s would approve of. The kitsch style has of course been made on trend thanks to design extraordinaire Cath Kidston. It doesnai??i??t matter who you are, everyone loves Cath Kidston. We donai??i??t know what it is about those polka dots and roses, but they have a way in turning into the most sensible woman into a little girl with her tea set.


Images left to right: Blue small butterfly bowl, A?10, Sagaform. Time for tea double oven gloves, A?12, Linea. Worktop saver, A?13, Joseph Joseph.

We have fallen for the Cath Kidston mugs which are from A?4. But to continue the kitsch feel weai??i??ll be investing in candy coloured kitchen utensils including the butterfly bowl, A?10, from Sagaform and to really look the part, we may just give in to purchasing the Time for tea apron and oven gloves, from A?12, Linea. Thereai??i??s just something about those cupcakesai??i?? But if you prefer grown up kitsch then the Joseph Joseph worktop saver, A?13, is sure to get tongues wagging.


Images left to right: Red power blender, A?129.99, Kitchen Aid. Cream dome kettle, A?64.99, Dualit. Farmhouse dinner range, from A?2, Linea.

You don’t have to have a country kitchen to play with the vintage feel. Even against modern pieces, a little bit of retro can add personality. Adding in quirky mugs and utensils can create a more electic feel, and is a fun jump away from the standardised contemporary stainless steel look. To play with the theme furtherAi??invest in Kitchen Aid and Dualit kitchen electricals and Lineaai??i??s Farmhouse dinner range, from A?2. Click here to shop kitchen.

50s chic has never been so 2009.

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