Living by Christiane Lemieux: The Exclusive Interview

Introducing Living by Christiane Lemieux for House of Fraser. We took a few moments with the lady herself to discuss the collection, Mid Century design and stylish homes suitable for the whole family…

Crawford occasional chair citrine
Living by Christiane Lemieux Home Collection Christiane Lemieux


- We love your new collection ai???Living by Christiane Lemieuxai??i?? ai??i?? Can you tell us about the story behind it?

The collection is really a reflection of my own personal style.Ai?? Itai??i??s equal parts American Decorator and European Mid-Century.Ai?? We like to think of it as Eclectic Modern. Itai??i??s a style that is very popular in New York.Ai?? The collection is designed so that you can put anything with anything and it looks great. Itai??i??s decorator with out having to use one.


- What are your favourite pieces in the ai???Living by Christiane Lemieuxai??i?? collection?

I have to say that I love all the pieces.Ai?? I do think some of pieces in the blackbird bedroom range are very special and unique.Ai?? They add the wow factor to any setting.




Blackbird Bedroom Range


- This collection is very much inspired from the mid-century style ai??i?? Is it a period that particularly appeals to you?

I love the clean lines and finishes of the Mid-Century.Ai?? The designs from that period look very relevant in todayai??i??s interiors. I also like the mix of materials – things like black mixed with brass are very typical of that period. I find that colour combination inspiring.


- Why did you choose to launch an exclusive collection for House of Fraser?

House of Fraser is the best destination for unique and exclusive housewares in the UK.Ai?? I was very impressed by the other exclusive brands and wanted to be part of that mix.Ai?? I canai??i??t think of a better more style driven partner.


- Can you tell us what inspires you when designing your collection every season?

I look to everything from the architecture in New York to travel destinations, flea markets, vintage textiles and old wallpaper. I am constantly taking pictures and sketching. As a former fashion designer I look to the runways because fashion is really informing interiors these days.


- Letai??i??s talk interior design ai??i?? From your experience, what do you think are the most significant differences between American and European style?

Like everything American ai??i?? everything in decor seems bigger, bolder and new. I think Europeans have this lovely sense of history that they can weave into their interiors. We try and achieve a little of both in this collection.Ai?? It makes for a great combination.


- You have a degree in fashion design ai??i?? Can you tell us what made you decide to move from fashion to interior design?Ai??

I do love fashion and textiles but when I started designing interiors and furniture I really fell in love.Ai?? There is something about the permanence of furniture that is really powerful.


- What do you like the most about your own home? Do you tend to change it or add new pieces regularly?Ai??

I cycle things through my home constantly. I have just added the Living Crawford Chair to my library!Ai?? I love the colour, scale and quality.


Crawford Occasional Chair

- Iai??i??ve read that youai??i??re a Mum of two young children; do you have any tips on how to make a stylish home suitable for young kids?

I just donai??i??t stress about it too much. Itai??i??s much more fun to play and dance on the furniture that try and keep everything picture perfect.


- Can you name one or two key pieces of furniture or accessories that should be in every household?

I think every home needs very comfy sofa for lounging and reading and a great bed for sleeping and I would add a great dining table for family dinners.

Would you have a tip to refresh any room for the summer season?

I think just layering in great accent pillows can transition a room! Our plumes pillow from the living collection is the prefect way to say chic summer.

Plume Dove Cushion

- And finally, how would you describe your collection in 3 words?

Decorator Modern Eclectic


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