Canai??i??t Resist: Accessorising


You will probably be used to your girlfriends, wives and daughters exclaiming how they ai???needai??i?? those new shoes, or that that belt will ai???transformai??i?? her wardrobe, or that she canai??i??t ai???copeai??i?? without that scarf. Well whilst this is shopping at its most melodramatic, sheai??i??s right. Accessories can make or break an outfit, and that goes for you men as well. Whether itai??i??s a quirky cufflink, a stylish wallet or an ai???on trendai??i?? scarf, adding a few extras to your outfit can make all the difference.

Hereai??i??s our favourite accessory picks, part 1:


Whether you prefer sleek and stylish or quirky and individual, cufflinks are a great way to add personality to your outfit. With so many variations to choose from it can be a bit of a mindfield, but it’s worth investing a couple of pairs that you really like.


Images left to right: Round metal & enamel cufflinks, A?42, Ted Baker. Round metal logo cufflinks, A?35, Hugo Boss. Floral crystal cufflink, A?30, New & Lingwood.


Now, there is a certain kind of man that can pull off a seriously hectic tie without looking the fool. And if you’re in doubt then go for a skinny tie for a modern look, or school stripes for a preppy feel. If you are feeling a little more daring perhaps this monkey tie will do the trick.


Images left to right: Silk monkey print tie, A?35 offer price A?28, New & Lingwood. Silk plain skinny tie, A?55, DKNY. Silk multi stripe tie, A?65, Paul Smith.


A wallet says a lot about a man. By looking at a man’s wallet, you can tell how well they look after themselves, what their natural style is, whether they have a sense of humour, yes, a wallet is the equivalent of a woman’s handbag. So pick wisely because you will be judged.


Images left to right: Naked lady book wallet, A?115, Paul Smith. Ostrich wallet with money clip, A?52, New & Lingwood. Leather billfold wallet, A?120, Dupont.


The scarf is the perfect accessory. It keeps you warm, you can wear it with everything and it’s a surefire way to earn style points. If you pick the right scarf it can be a great coversation point. Checks are the new stripes, and although there will always be a place for stripes, checks have that heritage feel that is so now.


Images left to right: Checked scarf, A?28, Lyle Scott. Merino scarf, A?60, Ralph Lauren. Chequerboard scarf, A?36, Fred Perry.


Now, here’s a tricky accessory to get right. A slouchy beanie is perfect if you’re a jeans wearer. The traditional beanie is the easiest style to wear. But to try something different a military cap, flat cap or trilby are the most fashionable looks to be seen in.


Images left to right: Oversized plain beanie, A?52, Hugo Boss. Military hat, A?16, Failsworth. Reversible beanie, A?32, Ralph Lauren.


You can’t beat a decent leather bag. It will take you from A to B and back again, with a diversion to C, yes a leather bag is a true hero item. Try a satchel for an everyday look, whilst the modern take onAi??the briefcase is perfect for the office.


Images left to right: Slouch contrast holdall, A?255, Ted Baker. Zipped business bag, A?220, Kenneth Cole. Leather bag, A?110, Firetrap.

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