Canai??i??t resist: Lumberjack checks

lumberjack main

Who doesnai??i??t love a lumberjack check? There is something so undeniably cool about the check. It is the perfect at play look, and we canai??i??t get enough of it. Be it lumberjack check shirts, jackets or even jacket linings, we have become obsessed with those little coloured squares.


Images left to right: Checked hoody, A?65, 55DSL, Herringbone check shirt, A?39, Howick, Long sleeved large check shirt, A?50, Firetrap.

You feel stylish when you wear a lumberjack check, why is that? Perhaps, because itai??i??s the answer to a casual night out or daytime look. Or maybe itai??i??s because all the fashionable celebs wear it, or even that it looks hot on girls as well. Who knows? It just works.


Images left to right: Long sleeved shirt, A?80, Levi’s, LongAi??sleeved checkedAi??shirt, A?105, G Star, Flannel check shirt, A?50, UCLA.

Yes, we have an ongoing love affair which doesnai??i??t look set to end soon. But how do you wear the lumberjack we hear you cry?


Images left to right: Checked shirt, A?80, Diesel, Long sleeved check shirt, A?65, Duck & Cover, Street plaid shirt, A?49, Criminal. Ai??

Well, itai??i??s easy, take one pair of jeans, any pair will do, a pair of shoes, can be formal or trainer, then throw on a motif tee and layer with your lumberjack. It really is that simple. Whatai??i??s more itai??i??s going to be hanging around for a while, so you can buy now and wear right through until spring. Oh how we love you lumberjack checkai??i?? can we pull off a deerstalker? Maybe thatai??i??s a step too far.

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