Guest Blogger: Matt Allinson Shares His Thoughts on London Style

We grabbed 5 minutes with FashionBeans blogger Matt Allinson to talk about London style…

Matt Allinson

Since Burberry decided to relocate its collections to London Fashion Week a few months back, there’s been a lot of talk about London being back at the centre of fashion again. To which I say – “we always have been, mate”.

Sure, plenty of other capitals across the world have had their time in the spotlight these last few years. New York has its Americana heritage, street style innovation and unique way of layering. Milan has its soft-shouldered unstructured blazers, brown leather double monkstrap shoes and sprezzatura. And Paris has… well… I’m not entirely sure what it is Paris has but they definitely have it!

But what London has that these other cities don’t is a long lustrous history that can still be seen influencing trends and styles to this day. We’ve got Saville Row, Carnaby Street, Mods and Rockers, Punks at the 100 Club, Ozwald Boateng’s influence on British tailoring all the way through to Burberry’s return to London this June just gone. We even had the very first modern day celebrity trend setter in the Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII (with Windsor knots, checks and collars all being popularised and named after him). Nearly every point in fashions history can be traced back to our capital and it’s that sort of cultural and social history that can be seen every day in the way London dresses itself.

We’re fond of formal tailoring – suits in monochromatic colours with strong shoulder and a masculine cut along with tailored trousers in seasonal materials and waistcoats in interesting and elaborate patterns or colours. We enjoy accessories that protect us from the often rubbish weather, be it a sturdy umbrella, a felt fedora, leather gloves or a good old reliable trench coat.

But we’re also more than capable of mixing things up – combining formal pieces with more casual pieces is something that guys in London have been doing and doing well for years. It can be something as simple as pairing some slim fitting jeans with a t-shirt and navy blazer or perfecting the combination of chino shorts with a pastel coloured linen shirt by adding in a striped tie and a pair of brown suede penny loafers.

There’s inspiration in every nook and cranny of London when it comes to progressing and developing your own personal style, all you need to do is open your eyes and remember your history.

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years.

Matt Allinson

Matt will be taking over our Twitter feed this Wednesday from 7pm – 8pm. Join us for our discussion on London fashion trends and the best things to do in the capital. Don’t forget to use our hashtag #LondonTakeover

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