There’s no need to be all fingers and thumbs this season with my handy guide. Tying a bowie has never been so easy – just follow my simple steps…

  1. Slip the bow tie around your shirt collar and ensure the left end is approximately 4cm longer than the right. Then pop the short end underneath the longer end.
  2. Choose how long you want the tie to be by using the button as your guide. Finish crossing the long end over the short end.
  3. Pull the long end under the short end, while keeping hold of the tie at the button so it remains loose.
  4. Zigzag the end onto your chest – one fold will be the wide part of the tie. Fold the long flap over the front of the tie.
  5. Next, you’ll need to pinch the front of the tie in half. This will create a hole through the tie, which is hidden behind the front.
  6. Squeeze the right side of the tie, while swinging the long length to the right.
  7. Push the corner through the hidden hole.
  8. Then, slip your finger into the left bow. You’ll need to even up the layers of the right side, while pulling the left bow through the hole. Hold all of the layers on the right, and pull the left bow through the hole.
  9. Nearly there…
  10. Straight your bow tie, and then tuck the shirt points between the tie’s slimmer strip.


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