Men’s knitwear: not for the sheepish

The glorious summer is on its way out and the chills of autumn are creeping in closer with each passing day. But the drop in temperature doesn’t mean the only thing coming your way is a bout of SAD and a common cold.

In fact, the drawing in of cold winter nights gives us one thing that summer never can – you guessed it – wonderfully warm and ultra trendy knitwear.

Yes gents, now’s the time to free those imprisoned winter warmers from the back of your wardrobe or – even better – go out and get some new ones…

And, what a choice available! Never before have men had such rich pickings when it comes to knitwear.

AW10 has seen designers excelling themselves with their nifty, knitty creations. From super cosy shawl neck collars that wrap around your neckline, to Fair Isle knits and Aran cardigans with rustic, toggle fastenings, these jumpers are very now and very personable. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you can tell a man by his choice of knit…

The chunky knitter

A chunky cable knit cardigan says you’re a man who likes his comfort: a modern man with respect for the past and an eye on the future.  

The argyle man

An argyle patterned jumper on the other hand hints at a stylish traditionalist who values comfort and style in equal measures.

The Fair Isle follower

The Fair Isle and those traditional Scandinavian inspired ski knits are favoured this season by followers of fashion and all those who love colour and shapes – as well as a bit of attention…

So, whatever your personal look, there’s a knit that’s been made for you this season.

Here are just some of my favourites…

Kate O'Brien

Hi I'm Kate, in a previous life I was Womenswear Editor but these days you are more likely to find me pouring over a planning calendar than the latest copy of Elle in my role as Online Content Producer. A Northern tourist in London, some of my favourite things in life include red wine, chutney (accompanied by cheese), sequins, grey cashmere and Matt Damon. I am known in the HoF office for owning far too many coats for one person, laughing too loud, and drinking full fat Coke only when hungover. My life's ambition is a simple one; to own a Puggle.

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