Top Tie Tips for the Festive Season

For some men, the tie is a part of everyday attire; for others itai??i??s an item reserved for formal occasions. Whichever camp you fall into, the festive season is the time to dress your best ai??i?? and that means wearing a tie.

There are many ways to tie a tie, but the knots you need to know are the Four in Hand, Full Windsor, Half Windsor and Bow Tie.

So weai??i??ve made it easy with our handy how-to video guide and top tips from the experts.


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Four in Hand

Julian Sudre, founder and blogger at fashion consultancy Style Alphabet, says: ai???My favourite style to wear a tie is the Four in Hand knot as it’s the easiest to do and will pack a sartorial punch. The modern man will appreciate a narrower tie. In my opinion, keep it simple and tidy, and you’ll project



Full Windsor & Half Windsor

Fashion blogger and image expert Arash Mazinani, advises: ai???You can always stick with the classic Windsor knot for both day and For a simpler alternative, try the Half Windsor.




Bow Tie

Peter Marshall is the author of The Black Tie Guide. He says: ai???Black Tie means just that: wear a black tie. White Tie calls for a bow tie of white piquAi??.Ai??In both cases the tie should be self-tied. There is no single detail of eveningwear that more clearly divides the boys from the



Louise Baltruschat, founder of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings says: ai???Bow ties are so cool right now, both on the catwalk and at weddings. Ties are still in trend, but as a skinnier






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