Noelle Reno: The Anti-Resolution Resolution

February can be a tough month- your resolution didn’t work out so well, it is still cold and dark, and the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day quite often doesn’t live up to our high expectations. I can’t change the weather or mainstream holidays but I can control how I feel about my habits. In January our very diverse population seems to come together on one front- the resolution to abruptly change one (or more) “bad” habits. A habit is a habit. It is not easily broken, and “good” habits are hard won because if they were easy you would already being doing it.

Last month many people asked me how I stay fit and healthy. I tell them the truth; I train every day (even the days I can’t bear it), I eat healthy food (usually), and I keep up a good skin care regime. However, I do indulge in meat/dairy, alcohol (vodka is better than wine), and a moderate intake of cigarettes. I’m not perfect, but I am generally quite happy. I believe happiness is the root of what we are searching for. This means acceptance of what and who you are.

The trick to feeling good about who and what you are? Put up pictures of yourself at your personal best. This can function as a subliminal affirmation of how you intend to live your life everyday. Negative or empty space will only create negative or empty space in your mind! I love this HoF silver frame to display your favourite pictures:

Silver 8 aperture poster frame



Linea Silver Poster Frame


 A solid way to achieve inner peace is to de-clutter your life; starting with your home. No matter how big your dwellings, space seems to always get taken up! I recently moved and threw out a lot of stuff. It felt great. Then I put out of sight many of the items I don’t use on a daily basis. If you’re keen to do the same, I suggest look at HoF’s affordable storage solutions such as this foot stool with storage space:

Delphine storage footstool




Pied a Terre Storage Footstool


It’s a New Year and we are unavoidably another year older. I am grabbling with the big 3-0, and thus found a passion for indirect lighting. I have always believed in soft mood lighting as a relaxation tool. Just think about how you feel when you leave your fluorescent-lit office for the soothing dim light of a pub. Instead of associating relaxation with a drinking hole, create it at home with the likes of this studio floor lamp (now on sale!):

Studio floor lamp




House of Fraser Studio Floor Lamp


If you do nothing else, buy this Cuisinart mini-food processor so you can blend healthy soups/smoothies as well as margaritas!:

Mini Processor DLC1SSRU



Cuisinart Mini Processor


Not all intentions turn into resolutions or actions but if you stick by the 20/80 rule your way ahead of the curve!

Be sure to check back for my London Fashion Week blog where I will be covering such events as the highly anticipated Rihanna fashion show!


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Kate O'Brien

Hi I'm Kate, in a previous life I was Womenswear Editor but these days you are more likely to find me pouring over a planning calendar than the latest copy of Elle in my role as Online Content Producer. A Northern tourist in London, some of my favourite things in life include red wine, chutney (accompanied by cheese), sequins, grey cashmere and Matt Damon. I am known in the HoF office for owning far too many coats for one person, laughing too loud, and drinking full fat Coke only when hungover. My life's ambition is a simple one; to own a Puggle.

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