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Bake Off Summary: Week 9

An edible peacock, paper clips, and a soufflA� worse than childbirth, Chocolate Week went way beyond brownies in the semi-final of this weeka��s Bake Off, but which contestant Flaked and got themselves into a Walnut Whip and who was this weeka��s Milky Star Baker and Smartie of the class? The semi-final opened with a chocolate […]

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Let’s Bake! Host A Mini Bake Off At Home

Create your own competition at home by making cupcakes and giving your kids one to decorate. Ita��s a great idea for a weekend when youa��re looking for something to do. Once each child has decorated their cupcake, be the judge and hand out different certificates for awards like a�?best designa��, a�?most colourfula�� and a�?yummiest lookinga��, so that each child gets recognition. Theya��ll love all being winners when you hand out fun stickers too.

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