Christmas Carole’s The Twelve Days of Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Carole’s The Twelve Days of Christmas Wishlist

Ah darlings, all this deliberation over gifts and stocking fillers is so thrilling! I am almost giddy with anticipation now there are only a mere 10 sleeps until Christmas. Oh, and I know what you are all desperately wondering… what will be in my stocking come Christmas morning? Well, darlings I shall confide in you […]


Dear Santa…The HoF Christmas List

Still haven’t circulated your Christmas list to your nearest and dearest? Lacking inspiration? Well the hardworking elves here at HoF HQ have been adding to their Christmas list and to offer you inspiration, here is what some of the HoF team are hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year…   Emily, Beauty & […]


Christmas Carole: What You Think HE Wants – What HE Really Wants

Darlings, did you have the chance to read my ‘What SHE Really Wants’ post yesterday? Well, I’ve only gone and written another little treat for you. Last night I was enjoying a peaceful slumber when I was rudely awakened by a horrid thought – what if my little angels are stressing over presents to please […]


Christmas Carole: What You Think SHE Wants – What SHE Really Wants

With only nearly two weeks to go until the magical day darlings, if you haven’t bought  your presents yet you better hurry hurry. Being the festive expert I am, I scooped up my little lot months ago didn’t I dears,  but if you have been a tad neglectful of your list my little elves, not […]


Christmas Carole: My Lingerie Buying Guide For Men

Right my confused Christmas puddings, it’s time to tackle a tricky little pickle. I know you want to buy that special lady in your life something she will love this Christmas, and wouldn’t it just be splendid if it was also something in it for you too? That is why Lingerie can be the perfect […]

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