Whatai??i??s Your Skintone?

Itai??i??s happened to the best of us: we go out and buy our foundation, get it home and realise it is completely the wrong colour. Something that seemed a perfect match in the store now appears a completely different colour, because it’s difficult to judge our makeup under harsh lighting. There is a lot to […]


Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation Review

Teint Couture, the new foundation by Givenchy, creates a comfortable and long-wearing silky veil which matches your skin tone to provide a tailor-made coverage. Visually stunning, we immediately fell in love with the packaging of both the Fluid Foundation and Compact Foundation, and were intrigued to see how they stood up to their long-lasting claims. […]

Copy of extracomfort2

Clarins Extra-Comfort Foundation Review

Exclusive to House of Fraser, the latest foundation by Clarins is all about the comfort which, let’s face it, is one of the most important factors when it comes to foundation. Comfort is key when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty! The Clarins Extra-Comfort Foundation feels instantly hydrating on application and gives a dewy, […]


Flawless Foundation Video Tutorial

One thing we all struggle with at some point is finding the perfect foundation and creating a flawless base to your makeup look. While foundations are completely personal, the technique to creating an airbrushed effect to your skin can easily be replicated, whatever makeup and skin type you have. Our easy-to-use Flawless Foundation video tutorial […]

House for Hunger Playbutton

The House for Hunger Playbutton with Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and House of Fraser

Support an incredible cause by heading to our Oxford Street Store and purchasing your very own House for Hunger Playbutton. Priced at A?15, this wearable MP3 player comes preloaded with an exclusive playlist curated by famous DJs and producers from around the world to raise awareness of the global fight against hunger. The artists, labels […]

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