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Must Have Summer Shoes

There is no better feeling than finally stepping out of your socks and heavy boots, into something where you feet can be free and are allowed to breath. Unfortunately most of us can’t walk around in flip flops all day pretending to be on a beach, and our summer footwear needs are varied and wide. […]


Men’s Shoes Under the Microscope

Boys, leave boring boots and unimaginative espradrilles to the wallflowers this season, and opt for quirky finishing touches that will add stylish flair to your day-to-day outfits. Shoes are a vital element in every ensemble, and shouldn’t be forgotten about when dressing to impress throughout the warmer months. I’ve taken a moment or two to […]

Loafer Love

We’re big fans of farmers. Theyai??i??ve brought us meat, dairy, bread, cereals and (in the case of Norwegian farmers), our favourite menai??i??s shoe, the loafer. Yep, Norwegian farmers first made the classic Moccasin-style loafer back in the 1930s. And, after the style was picked up on by American tourists, America did what it does best […]

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