3-ply  SS 20cm Deep Cass Sausage Casserole

Le Creuset One-Pot Cooking + WIN Casserole Dish

Ever have those nights where you just cannot find the energy/time/motivation to cook a complex meal for you and your family? When all you want to do is whack on the television and have food just presented to you? Sound familiar? Well, we have the golden solution to your culinary conundrum, with a little help […]

Tequila Chilli Prawns with Coriander

Simple Summer Supper: Tequila Chilli Prawns with Garlic and Coriander

  Summertime supper inspiration is here, by way of a quick and easy Mexican-themed recipe for these delicious Tequila-spiked chilli prawns, served with coriander. It takes minutes to prepare, it can be grilled either outdoors or indoors, depending upon your preference and it’s really tasty. Serve with sliced avocado, green salad and Mexican flat-breads for a […]

Red Hot Chilli Mexican Meal

Saturday Night Supper: Make it Mexican

Want to try something new? Why not break from the mundane and rustle up something hot and spicy for Saturday’s dinner? Steer clear of predictable Mexican-style dishes like chilli con carne and have a go at these simple recipes for flavour-packed Mexican meals…   Jalapeño Roast Chicken with Oregano and Lime   Serves 4 – […]

Salmon Monday evening supper

Dinner’s Served: Try a twist on a Monday evening classic

Although we’re no longer craving warming winter stews and carb-heavy meals, it is still perhaps a little ambitious to start up the barbeque for a summer, après-office supper. Sunny-Sunday afternoon bbq’s are one thing, but it’s not like we’re in a heat wave (…yet! We challenge you, oh British skies!). So we turn to a […]

Winter Warmers Part 2: Becky’s Saturday night in

The main topic of conversation in the office right now (after the weather) is hot, warming, comfort food. And, while I’d like to say our food obsession stems from the fact we’re all budding Jamies and Nigellas, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that a touch of gluttony is nearer the mark! Here’s the second instalment […]

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