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Ombre Couture by Givenchy

New In: Givenchy Ombre Couture Tried & Tested

The eagerly anticipated Ombre Couture is the latest addition to the Givenchy eyeshadow range and weai??i??ve been so excited to see just how the product works. There are nine new shades in the collection; each shadow provides a smooth, rich texture and intense colour in one sweep. To complete the look, a tenth Top Coat […]

Dark & Stormy

Eyes are moody and sultry this season. So forget summertime pastels, and peachy pinks, you want kohls, powders and plenty of it. Think sensual charcoals, naughty navys, and tempting blacks. Step One: Prepare the eye area. Use a primer such as Advanced eye fix primer, A?18 from Elizabeth Arden. This will mean that your liner […]

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