Daily Gossip: Russell Brand, Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Klum

Russell and Katy engaged Serial lothario Russell Brand is to wed his girlfriend of four months singer Katy Perry. The pair started dating back in September, and have been rather public with their relationship, particularly Katy posting pictures for Russell on Twitter. Russell had been spotted looking at rings, and now his spokesman has confirmed […]

Daily Gossip: Zara Phillips, V magazine & Brittany Murphy

Who? What? Where? When? Zara Phillips turns designer She may be royalty but Zara Phillips doesnai??i??t intend on sitting around all day being waited on. The 28 year old has turned her hand to clothing design. Before thereai??i??s widespread panic itai??i??s not going to be a Victoria Beckham attempt, itai??i??s actually far better suited to […]

Daily Gossip: Karl Lagerfeld, Jedward in Grazia & the secret to grey hair

Itai??i??s to cold to go outside, so stay in and gossipai??i?? Karl Lagerfeld gives SpongeBob a makeover No we havenai??i??t gone cuckoo, the iconic designer behind Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has made over SpongeBob SquarePants. It was of course in the name of charity, and was part of a Paris fundraiser for WWF and the figurine […]

Daily Gossip:

Psst.. did you hear aboutai??i??? Who will be the king/queen of fashion? To continue the British Fashion Councilai??i??s 25th anniversary celebrations, the BFC have decided to award a unique and one off award to a select individual. At the annual British Fashion Awards in December, a new and onetime award called London 25, will be […]

Daily Gossip:

Who…What…Where…When…? Nicole Kidman gets kinky for GQ If you ever thought that Nicole Kidman was as delicate as a flower then you may want to think again. In this monthai??i??s GQ, the most elegant woman in Hollywood showed off her inner temptress. Dress in thigh high studded boots, a body and one sheer elbow length […]

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