One to Watch: Mary Portasai??i??s Bottom Line

Mary Portas


Mary Portas isnai??i??t happy. She wants to know just whatai??i??s happened to this countryai??i??s once proud British manufacturing business and why weai??i??re not supporting unemployed communities living where once there was a thriving textile industry.


Several months ago, Mary took things into her own hands and began breathing life back into a Manchester suburb with her new business venture. Maryai??i??s Kinky Knickers has thus far provided jobs for 8 apprentices in Middleton, giving the community a fresh injection of pride and a glimmer of hope that if this succeeds, others might well follow suit. While Britain cannot compete with China, the hope is that consumers wonai??i??t mind paying a little bit extra for something home-grown and of fabulous quality. Rule Britania!


Maryai??i??s Bottom Line shows on Chanel 4 March 15th at 9pm.



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