Perfect payday pick-me-ups!

Itai??i??s our favourite day of the month ai??i?? yep thatai??i??s right, payday is here and what better time to unleash the inner shop-a-holic…

The OMG shoe

Barely a dayai??i??s gone by that we havenai??i??t fawned over these little beauties from Kurt Geiger. A righteous homage to Miu Miu, theyai??i??re sooo pretty, sooo on trend and sooo much more affordable than the real thing!

Form an orderly queue ladies.

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The scent-sational fragrance

As ladylike creatures of poise and grace, we simply abhor the sort of bad odours that our men-folk are comfortable with ai??i?? lucky we were born smelling of roses really. That said, any excuse to splash out on the delicious Acqua di Gioia will do.


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The smug nightai??i??s sleep Ai??

Ai??Hands up who woke this morning with a dry mouth and crashing headache? Who fell into a deeply uncomfortable star-fished, turning your pillow-to-the-cold-side sleep, which only abated when you woke, deeply dehydrated and grumpy?

Itai??i??s timeAi??we made a stand against the discomfort of summer nights. A super-chic, technologically advanced stand – thatai??i??s right, itai??i??s time to invest in a Dyson Airmultiplier Fan.

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The look-at-me shades

Ai??Undeniably the coolest shades around, the Ray Ban Wayfarers should be top of your payday pick-me-up list! With vintage charm and bags of fashion kudos, theyai??i??re the perfect nod to this seasonai??i??s geek-chic trend.

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