Summer Cocktails Sorted

Summer’s here people, which means it’s time to shake the cobwebs off your favourite maxi dress and get ready for some serious sunshine. Nothing beats chilling poolside, drink in hand, so here are our top summer cocktails to get you started:

Berry Bellini


Enjoy a berry blast in your classic Bellini this summer, with ice cold refreshment; this cocktail is perfect for lounging poolside during those hot spells.


Half a punnet of pureed raspberries

2 peaches, pureed

1 bottle of champagne


  1. Place your glasses in the freezer whilst you prep your cocktails
  2. Mix together the peach and raspberry puree
  3. Divide between your glasses and top with champagne
  4. Enjoy next to the pool with your girlfriends.


Long Island Iced Tea


This iconic drink is rumoured to have been invented during the prohibition in the 20s to disguise the fact they were drinking alcohol. Enjoy yours with brunch and nibbles.


50ml triple sec

50ml white rum

50ml gin

50ml vodka

50ml tequila

100ml sweet and sour mix

Coca cola

Lemons quartered


  1. Mix all the spirits together in a tall pitcher
  2. Top up to taste with coca cola
  3. Pop the quartered lemons in the pitcher for a fruity burst
  4. Throw in ice cubes to keep it cool, and serve!


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What’s your go-to summer cocktail?


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