We Love: New Brand, Adore Baby

Adore Baby by Pamela Kennedy

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a momentous occasion in itself, so treasuring every minute, from the everyday to the very special is extremely important.

Like Prince George’s royal parents and many before him, you may be preparing to celebrate an important rite of passage in your baby’s life with a christening. But how should you dress your little one for such a commemorative event?

Enter our lovely new brand Adore Baby; launched by former wedding dress designer Pamela Kennedy in 2005, Adore Baby was conceived specifically with one aim in mind, to design and create exquisite baby wear of outstanding quality, using only the finest materials and a keen eye for detail.

Each christening gown and romper is designed to look and feel beautiful, and is also intended to eventually become a traditional family heir loom. The pieces are therefore impeccably crafted to transcend time and encapsulate happy memories of the christening.

A range of adorable accessories including christening bonnets, frilly knickers and silk booties are also available to ensure that your baby is perfectly adorned for the big day.

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