Big Night out? What Big Night out…?

Feeling a little bleary eyed after that big night out? Whilst we don’t advocate heavy drinking, we do understand that it can be hard to avoid that dreaded morning after feeling during the month of December. We can’t quite cure the inevitable yuletide hangover, but we can definitely give you some clever tips to get you through a day in the office.



Now I know this is literally the last thing you want to do when you wake up feeling like a one-woman brewery, but if you can muster the strength, half an hour of exercise is the best way to start your morning after a big night out.

Get down to the gym, squeeze in a spinning class or walk to work. You may not feel entirely on top of your game, but you’ll certainly feel a whole heap better afterwards.


After spending an evening fuelling your body with Pinot you really need to re-hydrate.
Water, green tea and sports drinks should all be consumed as though they are going out of fashion. Seriously, get those (non alcoholic) fluids down you.
Try not to drink too much coffee as this will further dehydrate you despite seeming like the best option in the short term and whatever you do, do not go down the ‘hair of the dog’ road, you’ll just feel worse tomorrow.


Breakfast like a champion!


Now, although the temptation to eat the nearest and greasiest thing to you can be overwhelming, if you can resist the urge and go for eggs (either poached or scrambled) with wholegrain toast and some roasted tomatoes your body will thank you. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you sneak some bacon into the mix.
If you’re not feeling up to a big breakfast, plump for a small bowl of breakfast cereal (ideally not the sugary, chocolate covered kind) with some fruit instead.

Style it up!

It can be tempting to hide under baggy joggers for the day, but making a little more effort can really help you hide that hangover in those meetings you couldn’t get out of.

Choose a skinny or straight leg trouser or jean with a loose fitting top, lightweight jumper or shirt. You’ll feel comfortable all day and look professional enough to fool your bosses.

Ensure you use a hydrating moisturiser before applying your make-up to replenish some of those lost fluids. Make concealer your new best friend and don’t be afraid to opt for a bright lip colour to liven up your look.

Finally, a wide brimmed hat is stylish, office appropriate and will hide that messy do.


Want more tips to look your best after that big night out? Watch the ‘Style my: Hangover’ video

Charlotte McCourt

I'm Charlie (officially Charlotte if I'm talking to distant relatives or I'm in trouble), Online Copywriter, foodie and lover of all things monochrome. I'm a big fan of chunky boots, trainers, roll neck jumpers and good white wine. When I'm not writing for House of Fraser, you can find me exploring South London, cooking up something yummy or nursing an addiction to creating Pinterest boards for things I have no intention of buying. My style icons are Kerry Washington as 'Olivia Pope' in 'Scandal' for her beautiful coat collection and Gemma Arterton for her haircut and laid-back tailoring. My true loves in life are Fashion, Family, Feminism and my dogs Frank & Herbie.

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