Christmas Carole: My Lingerie Buying Guide For Men

Right my confused Christmas puddings, it’s time to tackle a tricky little pickle. I know you want to buy that special lady in your life something she will love this Christmas, and wouldn’t it just be splendid if it was also something in it for you too? That is why Lingerie can be the perfect gift to find underneath the tree. She will love it and so will you. I certainly know that Mr C purchases something frilly and slightly fruity around December each year.

Now for every goodhearted chap that gets it right, each year there are hundreds of confused little elves who don’t get it quite right. We are not all models gentlemen and neither are we lovers of all things red and lacy. That is more of a South Pole kind of thing. So before you go head first into tacky territory, I am here to help you and ensure it will be a very merry Christmas for you all…

1. It seems basic but how many of you gents have headed into a shop with the best of intentions and then realized you have no idea what size she is. Oh bless you! Go in there armed with the knowledge my lovelies and it will be harder to get it wrong. Take a peek in her underwear draw ahead of the trip and you will not be left red faced with thong in hand. Don’t just check one bra though. You know how us ladies find it hard to throw things away so this might well be a couple of years old…so best bet is to check a few styles to confirm her true size.

If she is lucky enough to be on the curvaceous side like myself,Ai?? then brand Freya does some ultra feminine pieces up to a G Cup. You are a lucky boy!

Freya Lingerie

Freya Lyla BraFreya Gem Bra

See all Freya Lingerie

2. Now sweetie pies, it may be an old cliche but somehow you men still seem to fall into the trap. So, let me spell it out for you darlings; red + lace does not always equal sexy. If you cannot quite drag yourself away from the ruby coloured fabric with cries of “Oh but it’s Christmas, it has to be red” then the trick is to think feminine. This set by Elle Macpherson Intimates is pretty yet sexy enough to get your heart racing…

Elle Macpherson Intimates Lingerie Set

Elle Macpherson Intimates Daisy Chains Balconnet BraElle Macpherson Daisy Chains Bikini Briefs

3. Darling boys, you might not be aware, but not all us women feel completely comfortable walking around in their underwear. I myself have never had that problem as I have a figure Nigella would envy but not everyone is as blessed as I. Poor lambs. So, why not make her feel at ease and treat her to a cover-up. I’m not talking your grannies dressing gown here though, the right one can be rather sexy as this Marjolaine silk number will testify. Mr C has certainly never complained about my little silk number.

Marjolaine Jardin Silk Robe

and finally…. now you are armed with my top tips, my last festive pearl of wisdom is to have fun my little mince pies. You know your ladies better than anyone and come Christmas day, she’ll be hanging around under the mistletoe waiting for her favourite little helper. Good luck my darlings! x Carole

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