Competition! Fix your niggles with Triumph


One of our very favourite Lingerie brands Triumph are on a ai???niggle fixingai??i?? mission and weai??i??re more than excited about one they have managed to fix!

We all have those annoying niggles that eat away at our days, from freshly painted nails chipping to a ladder on your tights after leaving the house just 43 seconds ago. However there is a certain niggle women all over the world will recognise that is best described as the “Bra shuffle”. That uncomfortable little wiggle you must do when the under wire of your bra is just not sitting or fitting right!

If youai??i??re reading this nodding your head in agreement then rejoice! The wonderful scientists down at Triumph have managed to fix this much hated niggle with their new ‘magic wire‘ bra. The invisibly integrated silicone wire in the moulded cups supports the contours of your bust like a wired bra and creates a perfect cleavage without pinching or constricting.



If you havenai??i??t managed to try on this fantastic piece of genius yet, what are you waiting for! Head to your nearest House of Fraser and thank us later! And thatai??i??s not all, Triumph have got another little treat up there sleeves that may relieve some other stresses in your life.

They’re giving away a A?150 voucher for and A?100 worth of brand spanking new Lingerie. All you have to do is comment below with your biggest niggle and try not to get too frustrated whilst thinking of one. Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Danielle Cox

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