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Atkins diet will shrink your brain

If ever we needed an excuse NOT to diet, then this is the one. Researchers have found that diets which are high in protein low in carbohydrates like Atkins can shrink your brain. Tested on mice, those mice which ate an Atkins style diet, ended up with a brain 5% lighter, and with less developed memory. Atkins has also been linked to Alzheimer’s, heart disease and kidney problems. Anyone else feeling like a big bowl of pasta? Perhaps with a side of garlic bread? It’s brain food after all! [Marie Claire]

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Armani is planning his successor

Giorgio Armani is a global phenomenon, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who has never heard of or lusted over a piece of Armani. His superstores are the shops of dreams, and the Armani name has become synonymous with the fashion world. He told WWD: “I am already organizing an entire team around me who understands what I do and will be, at some point, ready to step in and continue what I do, of course, I am not eternal. There comes a time when you must hand it over.” Armani is not planning to retire any time soon, but following an attack of hepatitis, it is time for him to start planning for the long term future of his brand. [WWD]

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How much is too much to spend on a bra? $3 million perhaps?

Victoria’s Secret are renowned for sexy smalls. And each year the brand creates a fantasy bra. This year’s bra is more than a fantasy it’s a country mansion, holiday home, school fees and endless holidays, the bra in question has been created alongside jewellery house Damiani and is worth a whopping $3 million. It is embellished with over two thousand diamonds and a rare heart shaped champagne diamond. It took 800 hours to make and 15 people worked on it. Just imagine having to have security guards just for your bra… a fantasy or a nightmare?! [InStyle]

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